Do you see him yonder?

From Spurgeon's sermon, "DAVID'S DYING PRAYER"

Brethren, turn your eyes yonder.
What do you see there?

You see the Son of God stepping from the place of his glory,
casting aside the garments of his majesty, and robing himself
in garments of clay.

Do you see him yonder?

He is nailed to a cross.

Oh! can you behold him, as his head hangs meekly on his
breast? Can you catch the accents of his lips, when he says,
"Father, forgive them?"

Do you see him with the thorn-crown still about his brow,
with bleeding head, and hands, and feet?

And does not your soul burst with adoration,
when you see him giving himself for your sins?

What! can you look upon this miracle of miracles-
the death of the Son of God, without feeling reverence
stirred within your bosom - a marvelous adoration
that language never can express?