The Christian and Death!

Spurgeon, "The Last Enemy Destroyed" No. 72. 1 Cor. 15:26.

"Death gives us infinitely more than he takes away!
To stand before that throne upon the sea of glass
mingled with fire, to bow within the presence chamber
of the King of kings, gazing into the glory that excels,
and to see the King in his beauty, the man that once
was slain, wearing many crowns and arrayed in the vesture
of his glory, his wounds like sparkling jewels still
visible above! Oh! to cast our crowns at his feet, to
lie there and shrink into nothing before the Eternal All,
to fly into Jesus' bosom, to behold the beauty of his love,
and to taste the kisses of his mouth, to be in Paradise,
swallowed up in unutterable joy because taken into the
closest, fullest, nearest communion with himself! Would
not your soul burst from the body even now to obtain this