A base heathenish invention!

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"The Voice of the Cholera" No. 705. Amos 3:3-6.

The word "chance" should be forever
banished from the Christian's conversation.

Luck or chance is a base heathenish invention!

God rules and overrules all things,
and he does nothing without a motive.

The falling of a sparrow to the earth is in
the divine purpose, and answers an end.

Every grain of dust that is whirled from the
threshing-floor is steered by God with as
unerring a wisdom as the stars in their courses.

There is not a leaf that trembles in the
autumn from the tree but is piloted by
the plan and purpose of the Lord.

The insatiable archer of death is not
permitted to shoot his bolts at random.
Every arrow that flies bears this inscription,
"I have a message from God for you."
A purpose, consistent with the love and justice
of God, lies hidden in the harvest of death.