God's hammer!

Spurgeon, "The Mighty Arm" No. 674. Psalm 89:13.

"Powerful is your arm! Strong is your hand!
Your right hand is lifted high in glorious strength."
-Psalm 89:13

God's power is perfectly irresistible.

When God puts forth his omnipotence,
who, who is there that can stay his hand?

Proud hearts are humbled,
hard hearts are broken,
iron melts, and
rock dissolves!

There is no heart so hard but what
God's hammer can dash it in pieces!

The Lord has but to will it with his omnipotent
will, and the sinner becomes a saint, and the
most rebellious cast down their weapons!

Let us never despair, while we can say
of our God, "Powerful is your arm!"
Lord, here is a great and hard rock; now wield
your great hammer, and the sparks shall fly,
and the adamant rock shall be broken into pieces.

Quarry your own stones, O God, and make them
fit for your temple, for "Powerful is your arm!"