Your native air...

Spurgeon, "Love's Crowning Deed"

We have sometimes heard of sickly persons, that the
physician has recommended them to try their 'native air',
in hopes of restoration. Likewise, we also recommend
every backsliding Christian to try the Native Air of Christ's
Love, and we charge every healthy believer to abide in it.

Let the believer under decays of grace go back to the cross
again; there he found his hope, there he must find it again:
there his love to Jesus beganó we "love him because he first
loved us," and there must his love be again inflamed.

The 'atmosphere around the cross of Christ' is bracing
to the soul; get to think much of his love and you grow
strong and vigorous in grace.

If Men Are Ever to Be Truly Great They must Be
Nurtured Beneath the Wing of Free Grace and Dying Love!