-Spurgeon, "The Sons of God"

Look again at that noble youth, Mutius Scoevola.
He goes into the tent of King Pyrrhus with the intention to put
him to death because he is the enemy of his country; but he
slays the wrong man.

Pyrrhus orders him to be taken captive.
As he stands before Pyrrhus, a pan of hot coals is blazing in
the tent- Scoevola puts out his right hand and holds it as his
hand crackles in the flame.
The young man flinches not, though his fingers drop away.

"There are 400 youths," says he, "in Rome as brave as I am,
and that will bear fire as well; and tyrant," he says "you will
surely die!"

Yet here are Christian men, who, if they are a little sneered
at, or snubbed, or get the cold shoulder for Christ's sake,
are half ashamed of their profession, and would go and hide

And if they are not like Peter-- tempted to curse and swear
to escape the blessed imputation-- they would turn the
conversation, that they might not suffer for Christ.

Oh for 400 Scoevolas, 400 men who for Christ's sake would
burn, not their right hands, but their bodies, if indeed Christ's
name night be glorified, and sin might be stabbed to the heart!