The Melody of the Cross!

from Spurgeon's sermon, "LOVE'S LOGIC"

The Religion Of The Cross was intended to stir the soul with deep
emotion, and where it is truly received it accomplishes its end.

If the passions be not moved by it, there is a strong presumption
that it has never been in true operation. We do not wonder that,
to the man who views religion as A Mere Compendium of Truths for
the Head, it is a powerless thing, for it is intended to work in
another manner.

Wine may serve to cheer the heart, but who would expect to feel
its exhilarating influence by pouring it upon his head?

Likewise, the holy Gospel makes its first appeal to man's HEART,
and until it be heard in that Secret Chamber it is not heard at all.

So long as mere REASON is the only listener, the Melody of the Cross
will be unheard. Charm we ever so wisely, men cannot hear the music
until the ears of the heart are opened.