From Spurgeon's sermon, "Mealtime in the Cornfields"

Nothing can be more healthful to the soul of the believer than
feeding upon the Word, and digesting it by frequent meditation.

No wonder that men grow so slowly when they meditate so little.

We must take the truth, and turn it over and over again in the
inward parts of our spirit, and so shall we extract suitable
nourishment therefrom.

The finest of the blesings is to be found in secret prayer.

'Private devotion' is a land which flows with milk and honey;
a paradise yielding all manner of fruits;
a banqueting house of choice wines.

Ahasuerus might make a great feast, but all his hundred and
twenty provinces could not furnish such dainties as meditation
offers to the spiritual mind.

Where can we feed and lie down in green pastures in so sweet
a sense as we do in our musings on the Word?

Meditation distils the quintessence of joy from the
Scriptures, and gladdens our mouth with a sweetness
which excels the virgin honey.

Your retired periods and occasions of prayer should be
to you refreshing seasons, in which, you sit with
the Master and enjoy his generous provisions.