Little Christians?

From Spurgeon's sermon, "Samson Conquered"

It has often been remarked that in this age we are all "little men".

A hundred years ago, or more, if we had gone through the
churches, we might have readily found a number of ministers of
great note.

But now we are all little men, the drivelling sons of nobodies;
our names shall never be remembered, for we do nothing to
deserve it.

There is scarcely a 'man' alive now upon this earth;
there are plenty to be found who call themselves men,
but they are the husks of men, the life has gone from them,
the precious kernel seems to have departed.

The "littleness" of Christians of this age results from
the littleness of their consecration to Christ!!

Oh, Christian, above all things take care of your consecration.
Ever feel that you are wholly given up to God, and to God alone.