From Spurgeon's sermon, "Loyal to the Core"

It is best to begin the Christian life with thorough consecration.

This should be one of the earliest forms of our worship of our
Master--this total resignation of ourselves to Him.

As soon as ever Christ is yours, you ought to be Christ's.

A complete dedication must be made in some manner,
and it should be done deliberately and with grave thought.

You have been bought with a price, and you should, therefore,
transfer to Him the title-deeds of your body, spirit, and soul.

Blessed is the man who will follow the Lamb wherever He goes,
giving himself wholly up to his Lord to serve Him with all his heart.

Beloved, this self-devotion is what Christ expects of us if we
are His disciples. We must be ready to give up all for His sake.

This is not only what our Master expects from us,
but what He deserves from us.

"Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all."

O brothers and sisters, snatch at the privilege of living for
Jesus; consecrate yourselves this day unto Him; live from
this hour forward, not to enrich yourselves, nor to gain
honor and esteem, but for Jesus, for Jesus alone.