-Spurgeon, "Buy the truth"

I have been astonished in looking though
old Roman history at the wonderful prodigies of
integrity and valor which were produced by idolatry, or
rather, which were produced by patriotism, and that principle
which ruled the Romans- namely, 'love of fame'.

And I say it this morning, it is a shameful thing
that ever idolatry should be able to breed better men
than some who profess Christianity.

And I think I may stand firmly while I argue here, that if a
Roman idolater, a worshipper of Jupiter or Saturn, became
great or glorious; a son of God ought to be nobler by far.

Look sirs, at Brutus--
he has established a republic, he has put down tyranny,
he sits upon the judgment seat- his two sons are brought
before him, they have been traitors to the commonwealth.
What will the father do?

He is a man of a loving heart and loves his sons,
but there they stand.
Will he execute justice as a judge,
or will he prefer his family to his country?
He covers his face for a moment with his hands,
and then looking down at his sons, and finding that the
testimony is complete against them, he says, "Lictors, do your
work." They strip their backs, the rod scourges them.

"Complete the sentence, lictors!" says Brutus,
and their heads are smitten off in the father's presence!
Stern justice swayed his spirit, and no other feeling could for
a single moment make him turn aside.

Christian men, do you feel this with regard to your sins???

When you have been sitting on the judgment bench; there has
been some favorite sin brought up, and you have, oh, let me
blush to say it, you have wished to spare it, it was so near
your heart, you have wished to let it live; whereas should you
not as the son of God have said- "If my eye offend me, I will
pluck it out and cast it from me, if my right hand offend me, I
will cut it off, rather than I should in anything offend my God."

Brutus slays his sons!

But some Christians would spare their sins!