Wholly His


Twined round my heart there is an evil plant called self-love.

It has twisted its roots within the very nerves and sinews of my soul.

Many have given their hearts to something else besides God,
and have set their affections upon the things of earth,
instead of the things in heaven.

Whenever we make a 'golden calf' to worship, sooner or later it
will come to this- we shall get our golden calf ground up and put
into our water for us to drink, and then we shall have to say-
"He has made me drunken with wormwood."

Never a man makes an idol for himself to worship,
but it tumbles down on him and breaks some of his bones.

There was never a man yet who departed to broken cisterns to
find water, but instead thereof he found loathsome creatures
therein, and was bitterly deceived.

God will have his people live on him, and on none else,
and if they live on anything else but him, he will take care
to give them of the waters of Mara, to embitter their drink,
and drive them to the Rock of purest streams.

Oh, beloved, let us take care that our hearts
wholly his, only Christ's, solely Christ's!