What strange beings are these?

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"David's Spoil" #2017. 1 Samuel 20:30

Unfallen angelic spirits will say in eternity,
"Do you see those beings bowing nearest to
the eternal Throne? Do you see those
well-beloved creatures? Who are they?"

Angels that have lived in other worlds will
come crowding up to the great metropolis
and will say one to another, "Who are
those favored ones that dwell nearest
to God? Who are they?"

And one angel will say to another,
"They are beings whom the eternal
Son of God redeemed by blood."

And one shining one will say to his
fellow, "What do you mean? Tell
me that strange story."

Then will his companion delight to say,
"They were saved because the Son of
God took their nature and died for them."

"How Wonderful! How Wonderful!"
his friend will answer.

This will be news full of astonishment even
to the best instructed celestial mind.

Spirits will look at us with wonder and say,
"What strange beings are these? Others
are the work of God's hands, but these are
the fruit of the travail of His soul. On others
we see the marks of Divine skill and power;
but here we see the tokens of a Divine
sacrifice; a Divine blood-shedding!"