We are Christ's

Spurgeon, "Christ the Glory of His People"

We are Christ's by eternal choice.
"You only have I known (or loved) of all the
nations of the earth." The eternal Father has
selected us from among the ruins of the fall,
and given us into the hands of Christ that
we may be his portion, his bride, his jewels,
"according as he has chosen us in him
before the foundation of the world."

We are Christ's by redemption.
He has redeemed us from among men by a
special and particular redemption which is
distinctive to ourselves. A price has been
paid for us, an effectual price, which will not
permit for a moment that the objects so
purchased shall ever be lost. "You are not
your own, you are bought with a price."
The saints are redeemed from among men.
Thus are we Christ's by double bonds- the
gift of the Father, the purchase of his own
blood. The Father gave us to Jesus, and
none shall pluck us of his almighty hands.

We are Christ's by conquest.
We admit it. The Spirit of the living God has
taken us, as it were, like a lamb from the jaws
of the lion. We were once led captives by the
devil, but Christ met the devil and overcame
him in terrific duel, and we, the once willing
captives of the powers of darkness, are now
Christ's portion made free and blessed. We
are now the possession of our Conqueror,
for he took us out of the hand of the
enemy with his sword and with his bow.
We belong to Christ as the spoil which
he has won from death and hell.

We are Christ's by voluntary dedication
of ourselves to him. Come, beloved, is it not so?
We will confess that there is not a drop of blood
in our veins which does not belong to Jesus, nor
a hair on our head which is not his.

We are Christ's by conjugal bonds
-married to him as chaste virgins. His
unbounded love espoused us before time
began, and it has not diminished. He claims
us as his own bride, and we call him the
Husband of our souls, and delight to have it so.

We are Christ's by in vital union
as the members belong to the head.
We are in personal, vital, actual communion
with the Son of God. We are thus his in the
fullest and most absolute sense.

We are Christ's absolute property.

We are Christ's people, wholly belonging to him.