The two books?

from Spurgeon’s, “Where to Find Fruit”

There are two books I have tried to read,
but I have not got through the first page yet.

The first is the book of my own ignorance, and emptiness,
and nothingness- what a great book is that! It will take us
all our lives to read it, and I question whether Methuselah
ever got to the last page.

There is another book I must read, or else the first volume
will drive me mad- it is the book of God’s all-sufficiency.
I have not got through the first word of that, much less the
first page, but reading the two together, I would spend
all my days. This is heaven's own literature, the wisdom
which comes from above.

Cultivate a spirit of deep humiliation before the Most
High; seek to know more your nothingness, and to
prove more the omnipotence of the eternal God.

Less than nothing I can boast, and yet “I can do
all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
"Having nothing yet possessing all things.”
Black as the tents of Kedar, yet fair as the curtains of Solomon;
dark as hell's profoundest night, and yet “Fair as the moon, clear
as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners.”