Suck the sweetness out of it!

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"Good Cheer for the New Year" No. 728. Dt.11:12.

"The Lord knows the righteous" with a knowledge
which is over and above that of omniscience.

The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous,
not merely to see them, but to view them with
pleasure and delight; not barely to observe
them, but to observe them with affectionate
care and interest.

God's love is always upon his people.

Oh, Christians, think of this- that God loves us!

The big heart of Deity is set upon us poor,
insignificant, undeserving, worthless beings.

God loves us, loves us ever, never thinks of us
without loving thoughts, never regards us, nor
speaks of us, nor acts towards us, except in love.

God has an unfathomable depth of love towards his
elect ones who are the objects of distinguishing grace,
redeemed by blood, and preserved by faithfulness.

Beloved, the loving eyes of God are always upon
you, the poorest and most obscure of his people.

The Lord takes a personal interest in his children.
Some mothers give out their children to be nursed,
but God never does- all his babes hang upon his
own breast, and are carried in his own arms!

God himself is personally our keeper and our shield.
"I the Lord do keep it, I will water it every moment;
lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day."

God has never once taken his eyes off you.
He has observed you as narrowly, as carefully, as
tenderly, as if there were not another child in his
divine family, nor another one whose prayers were
to be heard, or whose cares were to be relieved.

What would you think of yourself if you knew
that you were the only saved soul in the world,
the only elect one of God, the only one purchased
on the bloody tree?

Why you would feel, "How God must care for me!
How he must watch over me! Surely he will never
take his eyes off such a special favorite."
But it is the same with you, beloved- though his
family is so large, as if you were the only one.

The eyes of the Lord never grow weary. He neither
slumbers nor sleeps. Both by day and night he
observes each one of his people.

Not a moment shall we be without the tender
care of heaven; not even for a second will the
Lord remove his eyes from any one of his people.
There is not a single day, or hour of the day,
or minute of the hour, that we are removed
from the eyes or the heart of God.

Away with carking care- God cares for us!
The sparrows are fed, and shall not the children be?
The lilies bloom, and shall not the saints be clothed?
Let us roll all our burdens upon the Burden bearer!

Christian, you have sinned, but your sin has never
made him love you less, because he saw you and
loved you in Christ in the eternal purpose, even
when you were dead in trespasses and sins.

He has seen you in Christ ever since,
and has never ceased to love you.

It is true you have been very faulty, but as he
never loved you for your good works, he has
never cast you away for your bad works.

He has beheld you as washed in the atoning
blood of Jesus, until you are whiter than snow,
and he has seen you clothed in the perfect
righteousness of Christ, and therefore looked
upon you and regarded you as though you were
without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing!

He has gazed upon you, beloved, but never with
anger, looked upon you when your infirmities, no,
your willful wickednesses had made you hate
yourself. And yet, though he has seen you in this
doleful state, grace has always set you before the
Lord's eyes as being in his dear Son all beauteous
and lovely- a pleasing prospect for him to look upon.

The eyes of God are always upon his chosen
people, as eyes of affection, delight, unwearied
power, immutable wisdom, and unchanging love!

Take this thought, like a wafer made with
honey and put it under your tongue, and
suck the sweetness out of it!

Surely this is enough to make you lose
yourself in wonder, love, and praise!

Surely gratitude can find us fuel enough in
the forests of our memory to keep the fire
of love to our God always flaming.