Solemn and heart searching questions!

Octavius Winslow's, "The Impenitent Sinner Warned"

Do you think you are converted?

What reason have you for thinking so?

Upon what grounds do you base this belief?

Can you give a reason, with meekness and fear, of this supposed hope
that is in you?

Where is the evidence of the mighty, spiritual, internal change?

Has that heart of yours ever been broken, softened, humbled?

Has it ever mourned over sin before God?

Have you ever sought and found a secret place for repentance, confession,
and prayer?

Have your views of sin essentially altered?

Do you hate, abhor, and loathe sin; and is it the chief cause of your daily

Are your views of yourself materially changed?

How does your own righteousness appear to you?

Are you humble, meek, gentle?

Are you living as a converted, regenerated man?

Are you living as a child of God?

Are you living as an heir of glory?

Is your life that of a cross bearing disciple of the Lord Jesus?

Are you living as one who is a stranger and a pilgrim here?

Is your whole life, your daily walk, your pursuits and the governing
principles of your conduct, those of an individual acquainted with the
experimental power of the gospel?

Are you a lover of the world, grasping for its honors and its wealth?

Are you living the humble, self denying life of one professing
to "love not the world nor the things of the world?"

Be honest with your soul and with God!

These are solemn and heart searching questions!