Let the sweetness entice you!

The following is adapted from Spurgeon's sermon,

Oh, to be forgiven!

It is enough to make a man leap three
times and go on his way rejoicing!


Why, a rack becomes a bed of down, the flames
become our friends when we are forgiven.

Justified! No more condemnation!
Oh, the joy of that!

The happiness of the slave when he lands on freedom's
shore is nothing compared with the delight of the
believer when he gets out of the land of the enemy.

Speak we of the joy of the poor captive who has been
chained to the oar, and who at last is delivered?
The breaking of his chain is not one-half such melodious
music to him as the breaking of our chains to us.

"He took me out of the horrible pit and out of the miry
clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and put a new song
into my mouth, and established my goings."

Do not talk of the joys of the dance, or of the flush
of wine; do not speak of the mirth of the merry,
or of the flashes of the ambitious and successful.

There is a mirth more deep than these; a joy more intense;
a bliss more enduring than anything the world can give!

It is the bliss of being forgiven! The bliss of
having God's favor and God's love in one's soul!
the bliss of feeling that God is our Father!
that Christ is married to our souls!
and that the Holy Spirit dwells in us,
and will abide with us for ever!

Let the sweetness of the mercy draw you, poor soul!

Let the sweetness of the mercy, I say, entice you!