God forbid!

from Spurgeon's sermon, "LIFE IN EARNEST"

Either Christianity is the grossest deception that was ever palmed
upon mankind, or else it is one which deserves the whole life and
force and strength of every man who has been blessed by it!

Some Christians live as though truth were a lie, and as though the
doctrines revealed of God were but a delusion and an pretense!

In the light of eternity, all things except for serving God, are
mere child's play, mere theatricals, mere masquerading. They are but
the performance of a carnival, the jests of a comedy, the laughter
of a pantomime. It is only 'serving God' that is doing immortal
work; it is only living for Christ that is living at all!

I beg myself and you to serve God with all our hearts,
because of that love which we have received of Jesus--
See, there he hangs- my eye beholds him--
His head is crowned with thorns;
his feet are pierced with nails;
his hands are dropping with blood.
Jesus Master! you are dying for me! that precious heart's blood
of yours is flowing for my redemption and for my cleansing!
At your feet I fall and kiss you. O you lover of my soul,
I cannot but love you, you have won my heart.
The love of Christ constrains me!

And do you, Lord, bleed for sinners, for rebels, for enemies,
for those who would not have you to reign over them, and
shall I not adore you? Yes, but when I rise from my knees,
shall I go forth into the world and forget you?
Thorn crowned head, shall I forget you?
Pierced hands and feet, shall I forget you?
Mangled body, shall I forget you?
Slaughtered Emmanuel, shall I forget you?
God forbid!