Give Him your whole self!

-Spurgeon, "The Wise Men, the Star, and the Savior"

But, oh, when you think of Jesus Christ, whose origins are
from of old, from ancient times, the eternal Son of the
Father, and then see Him coming here to be a man formed
in the womb of a woman, and know and understand why
He came and what He did when he came, then you will
fall down and worship Him.

We worship Jesus.

Our faith sees Him go from the manger to the cross,
and from the cross right up to the throne,
and there where God the Father dwells,
amidst the unendurable glory of the divine presence stands
the man-- the very man who slept at Bethlehem in the
manger; there He reigns as Lord of lords.

Our souls worship Him again.

And now, after you have worshipped Christ in your soul,
and seen Him with the eye of faith, give Him yourself,
give Him your heart, give Him all that you are and own.

Why, you will not be able to keep from doing it.
He who really loves the Savior in his heart,
cannot help devoting to Him his life, his strength, his all.

If any man loves Christ, he will soon be finding ways and
means of proving his love by his sacrifices.

Go home, Mary, and get the alabaster box,
and pour the ointment on His head, and if any say,
"Why this waste?" you will have a good answer--
you have had many sins forgiven by Him, and therefore
you love Him greatly.

If you have gold, then give it;
if you have frankincense, then give it;
if you have myrrh, then give it to Jesus;
if you don't have any of these things,
give Him your love,
all of your love,
and that will be gold and spices all in one.
Give Him your tongue, speak of Him;
give Him your hands, work for Him;
give Him your whole self.

I know you will, for He loved you,
and gave Himself for you.