Better that the dogs should
eat my worthless carrion!

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"Life by Faith" #814. Galatians 3:11.

I am afraid many professors live a
kind of listless, dreamy, comatose life.

I mean some of you. You have been honest,
you have subscribed to church funds, have
done your duty outwardly as a Christian, but
there has been very little vitality in your godliness;
it has been surface work, skin-deep consistency.
You have not been exhilarated by a sense of
divine love and a delightful recognition of your
interest in it. You have gone on dreamily.

O for a thunderbolt to wake you,
for this is dangerous living!

I would quite as soon not be,
as live to be a useless thing.

Better far to fatten the fields with
one's corpse, than to lie rotting
above ground in spiritual idleness!

To be a soldier in Immanuel's ranks, and
never fight, never uphold a banner, nor
hurl a spear-- better that the dogs
should eat my worthless carrion
, than
that such should be the case.