They go on stumbling in the dark?

(edited from Reade's, "On Perverted Views of the Gospel")

Oh the pride and blindness of the human heart!

People, in general, have awfully low conceptions
of true religion. They neither understand its nature,
nor desire to understand it.

When we look into the 'nominally Christian' world,
it would almost seem as if the great bulk of professing
Christians thought nothing about the holy design of
the gospel, or of their own responsibility respecting it.

Such 'self deceivers' love darkness rather than light,
because their deeds are evil. Of divine truth, they
are "willingly ignorant."

Their views are alarmingly erroneous, on a subject
of all others the most important. Taking their own
wisdom for their guide, they go on stumbling in
the dark, until either Sovereign Grace makes them
wise unto salvation, or Infinite Justice allows them
to reap the fruit of their own folly, in "the blackness
of darkness forever."