-Spurgeon, "Breaking the Long Silence"

Truly, to be kept from danger is as great a privilege
as to be kept in danger- but we forget this.

Let us thank God for preserved lives, continued
comforts, and unspotted characters-
for these essentials are marked "Fragile,"
and that they are not broken is a marvel of grace.

Our spiritual life still survives, and only He who holds the
stars in their courses, could have maintained us in our

This ought to bring tears of gratitude to our eyes.

A flood of light breaks over the scene if we
look back on our mercies!

Now for your arithmetic!
Now begin to make your calculations!

Think of major mercies and minor mercies;
fleeting mercies and eternal mercies;
mercies by day, and mercies by night;
mercies averting evil, and mercies securing good;
mercies at home, and mercies abroad;
mercies of bed and board,
mercies of city and field,
and mercies of society and seclusion.

Mercy affects every faculty of the mind,
and every portion of the body.

There are mercies for conscience, and fear,
and hope; mercies for the understanding,
and the heart.

At the same time, there are mercies of eye,
and ear, and head, and hand.

The whole landscape of life is golden with the light of mercy!

In the love of God we have lived, and moved,
and had our being.

We see mercies new every morning,
mercies old as the eternal hills--
Streams of mercy!
Oceans of mercy!
Mercy all, and all mercy!