A Body of DOCTRINAL Divinity

John Gill, 1697-1771

Charles Spurgeon: "John Gill was a man of profound learning and deep piety. He was notable as a divine for the exactness of his systematic theology in which he maintained the doctrines of grace against the innovations of Arminian teachers. His Body of Divinity has long been held in the highest repute. As the fervent exposition of an entire and harmonious creed, it has no rival. He is the champion of the Calvinistic School of Divinity. Gill is a star of the first magnitude amidst surrounding darkness! For good, sound, massive, sober sense in commenting—none can excel Gill."

Book 1.
Of God, His Word, Names, Nature, Perfections, and Persons

Book 2.
Of the Acts and Works of God

Book 3.
Of the External Works of God

Book 4.
Of the Acts of the Grace of God Towards and upon His Elect in Time

Book 5.
Of the Grace of Christ in His States of Humiliation and Exaltation, and in the Offices Exercised by Him in Them

Book 6.
Of the Blessings of Grace, and the Doctrines of it

Book 7.
Of the Final State of Men