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Heart Talks

The Secret of Being Strong!

Secret of the Singing Heart

When Adversity Comes

Winning A Crown!

The author of "Heart Talks" has been peculiarly qualified for his task by the training of his soul in the school of suffering. As a young evangelist, Naylor was injured in an accident. For forty-one years as an invalid, he lay day and night on a bed of pain as a constant sufferer. He has known the experience of long and intense suffering with no hope of relief from any human source, and with no other prospect for the future than that of remaining a helpless invalid for life and without a means of earning a livelihood. He has learned to trust God for the supply of his temporal needs because there was no other to trust. He has learned to commune with God by being deprived of the opportunity of mingling much with his fellow men. Yet he has not lost the joy out of life. He still does what he can to build up the kingdom of God and bless his fellow men by his words of good cheer. He is still interested in the events of the world, and especially in the progress of God's work. He has demonstrated the efficacy of God's grace to sustain one and give joy in the very discouraging circumstances of life. In 1930 he wrote:

"Long ago I determined to be happy. I determined to be happy no matter what happened, and no matter what condition I might be in, nor what my circumstances might be. For twenty-one years I have kept my bed a constant sufferer, but I am happy. I am happy every day. I will not be any other way. I have had my troubles, many of them. I shall probably have more. I have learned that troubles do not make unhappiness. It is only a wrong attitude toward trouble that does so."


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