What should the church look like?

by Buff Scott

What should the community of believers
in the 21st century look and be like?

1) Simple, as opposed to elaborate organizational
structures, projects, and programs.

2) Informal but serious meetings.

3) Independent but cooperative.

4) Benevolent and evangelistic.

5) Non-ritualistic and non-formalistic.

6) Shepherds who lead rather than dictate,
teach and persuade rather than command.

7) All believers recognized as ministers,
servants, and priests.

"And now God is building you, as living stones,
into his spiritual temple. What's more, you are
God's holy priests, who offer the spiritual
sacrifices that please him because of Jesus Christ."
1 Peter 2:5

"He has made us his kingdom and his priests who
serve before God his Father. Give to him everlasting
glory! He rules forever and ever!" Amen! Rev. 1:6