What is your sorrow?

(from Winslow's, "The Broken Heart Bound Up")

What is your sorrow?

Has the hand of death smitten?

Is the beloved one removed?

Has the desire of your eyes been taken away with a stroke?

But who has done it?

Jesus has done it. Death was only His messenger.

Your Jesus has done it. The Lord has taken away.

And what has He removed? Your wife? Ah, Jesus
has all the tenderness that your wife ever had.
Hers was only a drop from the ocean that is in
His heart.

Is it your husband? Jesus is better to you than ten husbands.

Is it your parent, your child, your friend, your all of
earthly bliss? Is the cistern broken? Is the earthen
vessel dashed to pieces? Are all your streams dry?
Jesus is still enough. He has not taken Himself from
you, and never, never will.

Take your bereaved, stricken and bleeding heart
to Him, and rest it upon His, once bereaved, stricken
and bleeding, too; for He knows how to bind up the
broken heart, to heal the wounded spirit and to
comfort those that mourn.

What is your sorrow?

Has health failed you?

Has property forsaken you?

Have friends turned against you?

Are you tried in your circumstances?

Perplexed in your path?

Are providences thickening and darkening around you?

Are you anticipating seasons of approaching trial?

Are you walking in darkness, having no light?

Simply go to Jesus. He is an ever open door.

A tender, loving faithful Friend, ever near.

He is a Brother born for your adversity.

His grace and sympathy are sufficient for you.

Go to Him in every trial, cast upon Him every
burden, take the infirmity, the corruption, the
cross as it arises, simply and immediately to Jesus!

Jesus is your loving and confiding Brother and Friend,
to go to at all times and under all circumstances.