What do you need?

(From Octavius Winslow's, "God Resting in His Love")

Beloved reader, come and rest in the love of
Jesus. He invites you to its blessed repose.

Are you weary, tossed with tempest?

Is there....
sadness in your spirit,
sorrow in your heart,
a cloud upon your mind,
some crystal cistern broken,
some fragrant flower withered,
some fond and pleasant mercy gone?

"Come," says Jesus, "and rest in my love;
rest in the reality of my love; rest in the
depth of my love; rest in the tenderness of
my love; rest in the deathlessness of my love!"

O blessed rest!

Poor, heart broken sinner, weeping penitent,
weary, laboring soul! What do you need?

Mercy? It is in Christ.
Forgiveness? It is in Christ.
Acceptance? It is in Christ.
A reconciled Father, a pacified God? He is in Christ.

All that you need is in Christ.

Draw near, then, and rest in His love.

In Jesus' love, your weary, jaded, trembling
spirit may find full and eternal repose.