by N. L. DeMoss

-when we do not love Him as we once did.

-when earthly interests and occupations are
more important to us than eternal ones.

-when we would rather watch TV and read secular
books and magazines than read the Bible and pray.

-when church dinners are better attended than prayer meetings.

-when concerts draw bigger crowds than prayer meetings.

-when we have little or no desire for prayer.

-when we would rather make money than give money.

-when we put people into leadership positions in our
churches who do not meet scriptural qualifications.

-when our Christianity is joyless and passionless.

-when we know truth in our heads that we are not
practicing in our lives.

-when we make little effort to witness to the lost.

-when we have time for sports, recreation, and
entertainment, but not for Bible study and prayer.

-when we do not tremble at the Word of God.

-when preaching lacks conviction, confrontation,
and divine fire and anointing.

-when we seldom think thoughts of eternity.

-when Godís people are more concerned about their
jobs and their careers, than about the Kingdom
of Christ and the salvation of the lost.

-when Godís people get together with other believers
and the conversation is primarily about the
news, weather, and sports, rather than the Lord.

-when church services are predictable and "business as usual."

-when believers can be at odds with each other and
not feel compelled to pursue reconciliation.

-when Christian husbands and wives are not praying together.

-when our marriages are co-existing rather than
full of the love of Christ.

-when our children are growing up to adopt worldly
values, secular philosophies, and ungodly lifestyles.

-when we are more concerned about our childrenís
education and their athletic activities than about
the condition of their souls.

-when sin in the church is pushed under the carpet.

-when known sin is not dealt with through the biblical
process of discipline and restoration.

-when we tolerate "little" sins of gossip,
a critical spirit, and lack of love.

-when we will watch things on television and movies that are not holy.

-when our singing is half-hearted and our worship lifeless.

-when our prayers are empty words designed to impress others.

-when our prayers lack fervency.

-when our hearts are cold and our eyes are dry.

-when we arenít seeing regular evidence of
the supernatural power of God.

-when we have ceased to weep and mourn and
grieve over our own sin and the sin of others.

-when we are content to live with explainable,
ordinary Christianity and church services.

-when we are bored with worship.

-when people have to be entertained to be drawn to church.

-when our music and dress become patterned after the world.

-when we start fitting into and adapting to the world,
rather than calling the world to adapt to Godís
standards of holiness.

-when we donít long for the company and fellowship of Godís people.

-when people have to be begged to give and to serve in the church.

-when our giving is measured and calculated,
rather than extravagant and sacrificial.

-when we arenít seeing lost people drawn to Jesus on a regular basis.

-when we arenít exercising faith and believing God for the impossible.

-when we are more concerned about what others
think about us than what God thinks about us.

-when we are unmoved by the fact that 2.5 billion people
in this world have never heard the name of Jesus.

-when we are unmoved by the thought of neighbors,
business associates, and acquaintances who are
lost and without Christ.

-when the lost world around us doesnít know or care that we exist.

-when we are making little or no difference in the secular world around us.

-when the fire has gone out in our hearts, our marriages, and the church.

-when we are blind to the extent of our need and donít think we need revival.