Throw yourself into his very arms!

(Winslow, "The Broken and Contrite Heart")

"He restores my soul," is the grateful and adoring
exclamation in the heart of the reclaimed believer.

Such is the recovery of the soul from its spiritual
and mournful relapse. Brought beneath the cross
and in the sight of the crucified Savior.....
the heart is broken,
the spirit is melted,
the eye weeps,
the tongue confesses,
the bones that were broken rejoice, and
the contrite child is once more clasped in
his Father's forgiving, reconciled embrace.

O what a glorious God is ours,
and what vile wretches are we!

Jesus waits to make that sorrow stricken heart
of yours his chief and loved abode; reviving it,
healing it, and enshrining himself forever within
its renewed and sanctified affections.

Cast yourself down at his feet, no, in throw
yourself into his very arms
, that are widely
expanded to receive you!