The missionary!

Spurgeon, "The Great Itinerant" No. 655

A minister once announced to his congregation
one Sunday morning, "I am going on a mission
to the heathen."

Now he had not told his deacons about it, and
they looked puzzled at one another. Some of
the good people in the congregation began
to take out their pocket handkerchiefs, as they
thought their minister was going to leave them–
he was so useful and necessary to them that they
felt sad at the bare idea of loosing him.

"But" he added, "I shall not be out of town."

So may you also go on a mission to the heathen
without going out of this huge town of yours!
You might almost preach to every sort of heathen
within the bounds of your town. If you want to
reach the heathen who have gone farthest into
sin, you need not certainly leave your town for
that. You shall find men and women rotten with
sin, and reeking in the nostrils of God with their
abominations. You may go about on a mission
to the heathen, and your railway ticket need
not cost you one penny!