Lay it upon the heart pierced
   by the soldier's lance!

(Octavius Winslow's "Human Care Transferred to God")

If God has regard to the raven, and feeds it when
it cries, will He, do you think, be indifferent to the
plaintive note of His "dove, His undefiled one?"

It is an especial care with which God cares for you.
He cares for all of your temporal interests. Not one
worldly anxiety, not one need of the present life,
is too insignificant for His regard.

He cares for your spiritual interests; for your soul's
prosperity, for your mental peace, for your joy of
heart, for your growth in grace, for your character,
your reputation, your usefulness.

It is personal care.

He cares for you!

He cares for your individual cares, for your personal
interests, never for an instant merging and forgetting
your individual claims upon His interest, protection,
and love in the great body of His Church. What
encouragement this to betake yourself to the Lord,
transferring all care from your heart to His!

"Casting all your cares upon
Him, for He cares for you."

Oh yes! the Lord cares for you!

Little, obscure, despised, unworthy though you
may be, or deem yourself to be, the Lord has an
interest in you, the closest, the tenderest that
ever dwelt in a heart of love.

Bought with the Savior's blood, a temple of the
Holy Spirit, sealed with the earnest of the Spirit
as a child of God and an heir of glory, oh, there
is not a bright angel in heaven for whom God so
cares as He cares for you!

Others may have ceased to care for you. 'Change'
has congealed the warm current of love, distance
intercepts its flow, or death has stilled its pulse,
and you feel as if there existed in this wide world
no heart, no spirit, no mind that responded to, or
that chimed and blended with your own.

Yet, there is One who cares! Jesus cares for you!

The HEART OF GOD, from which all other hearts
kindle their affection, entwines you with its thoughts,
its sympathies, its love; and the Eye that searches
the universe with a glance, bends upon you its
ceaseless look of love.

Then, confide in and lean upon this divine, this
human, this precious, this ever present Savior.

He asks your boundless confidence and your
warmest love. Most worthy of it is He. Will
you withhold it? Take that anxious care which
lies like lead upon your breast, which chases
peace from your mind, joy from your heart,
slumber from your pillow, shading all the
landscape of life with wintry frost and storm;
and lay it upon the heart pierced by the
soldier's lance
; the heart that distilled its
last drop of lifeblood on the tree; and peace
shall enfold you beneath its balmy wing.

"Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you."