How to fill your church!

by Spurgeon--

I believe that the best, surest, and most permanent way to fill
a place of worship is to preach the gospel, and to preach it in
a natural, simple, interesting, earnest way. The gospel itself
has a singularly fascinating power about it, and unless impeded
by an unworthy delivery, or by some other great evil, it will win
its own way. It certainly did so at the first, and what is to hinder
it now? Like the angels, it flew upon its own wings; like the dew,
it tarried not for man, neither waited for the sons of men.

The gospel has a secret charm about it which secures a hearing:
it casts its good spell over human ears, and they must hearken.
It is God's own word to men; it is precisely what human
necessities require; it commends itself to man's conscience, and,
sent home by the Holy Spirit, it wakes an echo in every heart.

In every age, the faithful preaching of the good news has brought
forth hosts of men to hear it, made willing in the day of God's power.
Decked in the glories of free and sovereign grace, wearing the
crown-royal of the covenant, and the purple of atonement-
the gospel, like a queen, is still glorious for beauty,
and supreme over hearts and minds.

Published in all its fulness, with a clear statement of its efficacy
and immutability, it is still the most acceptable news that ever
reached the ears of mortals.