Bring your sorrows to Me

(From Octavius Winslow's, "Bring him unto
Me; or, Help and Salvation Only in Christ")

"Bring him here unto Me." Matthew 17:17

In your moment of disappointment and despair,
Jesus meets you with the gracious words, "Bring
it here unto me." And now your spirit revives,
your heart bounds, at the words, and you exclaim,
"Behold, Lord, I come."

Jesus says, "Bring your sorrows to Me."
Never did the soul find so powerful a magnet,
attracting to itself affliction in every form, and
sorrow in every shade, as Jesus.

Standing as in the center of a world of woe,
He invites every daughter of sorrow, of sin,
of grief to repair to Him for succor, sympathy,
and healing.

As the High Priest of His Church for whom
alone He suffered, and wept, and sobbed;
He unveils a bosom capacious enough and
loving enough, and sympathizing enough,
to embrace every sufferer, and to pillow
every grief.

Accept, then, His compassionate invitation,
and bring your grief to the soothing, sustaining,
sanctifying grace of His heart.