The Method of Grace

by John Flavel


The Work of the Spirit, the Internal and Most
Effectual Means of the Application of Christ

Saving Faith

The Believerís Fellowship with Christ

All Men Invited to Apply Jesus Christ

Christ, the Physician of Souls

Christ, "The Mercy"

Christ, "Altogether Lovely"

Christ, "The Desire of All Nations"

Christ, "The Lord of Glory"

Christ, "The Consolation of Israel"

The Forgiveness of Sins

The Liberty of Believers

Reconciliation and Glorification

Necessity of Being Slain by the Law

Necessity of Being Slain by the Law, Continued

Necessity of Being Taught of God

The Mortification of Sin

The Imitation of Christ

The Imitation of Christ, Continued

Aggravation of the Sin, and Punishment of Unbelief

Satanís Blindingóthe Cause of Unbelief,
and Forerunner of Destruction