by James W. Alexander
New York, November 18, 1852


The PROVIDENCE of God—a ground of consolation

The PROVIDENCE of God—in its application to the whole path of life

The OMNIPOTENCE of God—a ground of enlarged Christian expectation

The GOODNESS of God—a refuge in time of trouble

The soul sustained by hope rising to ASSURANCE

Rest in God

Christian joy expelling the distresses of the soul

Consolation derived from the uses of chastisement

Holy submission of Christ's will—a source of consolation

Consolation from God's promise never to forsake His people

The believer sustained by the strength of Christ

The compassion of Christ to the weak, the sorrowing, and the sinful

Consolation under the judgments of men

Consolation derived from a review of Christian martyrdom

The AGED believer consoled by God's promise

Consolation in regard to departed Christians

All consolation traced up to its divine source