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"I write plain truths, in plain language, for plain people!"

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Evidences & Results of Sanctified Affliction

Youth Warned!

A New Year's Solemn Warning

Spiritual Idolatry

Sorrow for the Death of Friends

Our Sins at the Seminary

The Force and Importance of HABIT

Elizabeth Bales—a Pattern for Sunday
School Teachers & Tract Distributors

The Foundation, Construction,
and Eternity of CHARACTER

The Olive Branch and the Cross

Forgiveness of Injuries

Reading the Scriptures

Dislike to Ministerial Faithfulness
Stated and Explained

Growth in Grace

The Character and Translation of Enoch

Death of Mrs. Sherman


The Crisis

Spiritual Joy

One Thing I Do!

Christian Mercy Explained & Enforced

The Duty of Meditation

Prayer and Practice

Sins Remembered

Ministerial Duties Stated & Enforced

Different Degrees of Glory

The Lord's Supper

Christian Love

The Mind of Christ

The Attraction of the Cross

The Chief End of Life

Small Beginnings Not to Be Despised

Attendance on Week-Day Services

Character & Reward of the Faithful Minister

Pastoral Claims Stated

The Death of Eminent Ministers, a Public Loss

Satanic Temptations

Family Prayer

Declension in Religion

The Path to the Bush

Parental Desire, Duty, & Encouragement

The Sin of Scoffing at Religion

The Aged Minister of Christ Contemplated

The Man Who Killed His Bad Neighbors by Kindness

Christian Activity

White Robes and Palms

Christian Missions

Work of the Spirit

The Benediction

Heart Discipline

Directions for Profitably Hearing the Word of God

Duties of Church Members

Queries for Self Examination

The London Missionary Society

The Birmingham Bible Society

Religious Education of Children

Address to the Children

The Pious Collier

John Angell James, (1785—1859) was a decided Calvinist in doctrine, and beautifully balanced his theological convictions, with practical piety in life and ministry. He preached and wrote to to common man and woman of every station in life. He was held in high esteem as a preacher and author, yet he was a humble and unpretentious man, as is evident from his unwillingness to use the title "Doctor of Divinity" despite the fact that he was honored with this degree by both Glasgow University and Princeton Seminary.

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