The sure conclusion of a godless life!

(Henry Law, "The Gospel in Deuteronomy" 1858)

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"They always heap up their sins to the limit!
 The wrath of God has come upon them at last!"
    1 Thessalonians 2:16

All men are born spiritually dead.

SIN entered with murderous hand.

It planted deep its dagger in the heart.

Knowledge of God,
love of His name,
delight in holy communion,
sweet fellowship with Heaven,
the happy worship of unsullied praise,
the blissful gaze on the Creator's smile,
and all the circle of pure joy
—were buried in a deep grave!

The soul became . . .
  a total wreck,
  a withered tree,
  a dried up stream,
  a wilderness of weeds,
  a starless night,
  a chaos of beclouded thought,
  a rebel's camp,
  the shattered home of misery,
  the region in which death reigned.

The eyes were dim and saw not God.

The face was turned away.

Each step led downward.

The hands were lifted in defiance.

The mouth was opened to blaspheme.

Man was a dying body holding a dead soul.

He moved as an unmixed evil—as a sin-spreading pest.

All this is sad—but there are sadder things yet!

This is tremendous woe—but deeper woe comes on!

This is dark night—but darker shades will deepen yet.

This is full wretchedness—but still the cup may hold more drops.

This fleeting scene must end!

The earthly home must be left!

DEATH comes!

It drives poor sinners to their final home.

And what is that?

Reader, shrink not!

Withdraw the darksome veil.

Look down into the dread abode.

Ponder the lost in their low cells.

HELL is their everlasting doom!

Think not, that hell is the mere phantom of brain-sick thought.
It is no fable fondly framed to scare weak minds.

It is a dreadful reality!
It is a gigantic certainty!

It is the sure conclusion of a godless life!

It is the gulf, to which transgressing streams rush hopelessly.

And it is not far away!
It gapes before the feet!

Another step may plunge the ruined into this abyss!

But hearken!
There is a Savior, who delivers from this death.
There is a friend, who bestows heavenly life.
Jesus appears, and on the cross endures the death and by His righteousness, brings in new life.

Thanks be to "Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath!" 1 Thessalonians 1:10