Meditate upon DEATH

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(William Dyer, "Christ's Famous Titles")

Meditate often on these four last things:
   Death, which is most certain.
   Judgment, which is most strict.
   Hell, which is most doleful.
   Heaven, which is most delightful.

Meditate upon DEATH
, which is most certain.
"It is appointed unto men once to die." Hebrews 9:27

Out of the dust was man formed;
into the dust shall man be turned.

To think of death, is a death to some men.

Oh sirs, meditate upon death.

Meditation on death, will put sin to death.

Death to the wicked, is the end of all comfort, and the beginning of all misery.
Death to the godly, is the outlet to sin and sorrow, and the inlet to peace and happiness.

The saints' enjoyment shall be incomparable,
when the sinners' torments shall be intolerable.

When a believer's soul goes out of his own bosom, it goes into Abraham's bosom.

When a saint dies, he leaves all his bad behind him, and carries his good with him.
When a sinner dies, he carries his bad with him, and leaves his good behind him.

The godly man goes from evil, to all good.
The wicked man goes from good, to all evil.

When a saint leaves the world, his soul returns to happiness and rest.
When a sinner leaves this world, his body goes to worms to be consumed, and his soul goes to flames to be tormented.

The saint goes to Abraham's bosom;
the sinner goes to Beelzebub's bosom.

The wheat goes to the barn;
the chaff goes to the fire.

Oh sirs, meditate upon death!