Spurgeon's choice excerpts on Hell, part 2

(Charles Spurgeon)

The hell of Hell, is that it is to be forever.
The lost soul sees written over its head, "You are damned forever!"
It hears howlings that are to be perpetual.
It sees flames which are unquenchable.
It knows pains that are unmitigated.

Living in sin, is the root of living forever in Hell!

If you have lived like the wicked, then you will die like the wicked, and be damned like the wicked.

No books of persuasion are needed to urge the unsaved to rush onward to eternal ruin. They hurry to be lost—they are eager to be damned. There they go, streams of them, hurrying impatiently, rushing down to Hell and damnation—yes, eagerly panting and dashing against one another to descend to that awful gulf from which there is no return!

Hell is sin fully developed!

It is better to go weeping to Heaven—than to go laughing to Hell.

It ill befits a man who is on the brink of Hell—to be laughing and jesting.

As long as a man is alive and out of Hell—he cannot have any cause to complain.

Sin and Hell are forever married—unless repentance proclaims the divorce.

Can it be worthwhile to sin yourselves into Hell? Can there be any supposed pleasure which can ever compensate you for everlasting pain? If so, then choose the pleasures of sin for a season—but rest assured that for all these things, God will bring you into judgment!

Would it not be better to go to Heaven side by side with a poor old almshouse-woman, or a chimney-sweep, or a pauper from the workhouse—than to go to Hell with a king or a rich man?

The best of your good works are but a painted pageantry for your soul to go to Hell in!
You may as surely go down to the bottomless pit by the religious road—as by the way of the wicked.

Sin is the mother of death and the progenitor of Hell!

Without Christ you are an unpardoned sinner, a condemned sinner—and, before long you will be a sinner judged, sentenced and cast into Hell!

As long as Heaven shall shine—so long Hell shall burn! As long as saints are happy—so long shall those whose impenitence has made them castaways be wretched!

There are a thousand paths that lead to Hell—but only one that leads to Heaven!

A creature remaining at enmity against God must expect to dwell forever with the devils in Hell.
Where can it dwell, but where other rebels are confined in eternal chains?

I feel that if God would smite me now to the lowest Hell—I would only have what I justly deserve.

Oh, it is a crying sin that men will not only go to Hell alone—but they must drag their children with them!

Men are either going to Heaven or to Hell—and it is time that we came to close grips with them about this all-important matter!