Enough to put them into a cold sweat!

(Thomas Watson)

"These will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life!" Matthew 25:46

The sinner takes liberty to sin; he breaks God's laws with greediness, as if he could not sin fast enough.

Remember—the pleasures of sin are but for a season, but the torments of the wicked are forever!

Sinners have a short feast—but a long reckoning!

Here is thunder and lightning to the wicked. God is eternal, therefore the torments of the wicked are eternal! God lives forever; and as long as God lives, He will be punishing the damned! Remember, one of God's names is Eternal, and as long as God is eternal, He has time enough to reckon with all of His enemies!

Origen erroneously thought that after a thousand years, the damned would be released out of their misery. But the worm, the fire, and the prison—are all eternal! 

Eternity is a sea without bottom and banks. After millions of years, the damned must be ever burning, but never consumed; always dying, but never dead. "They shall seek death, but shall not find it."

The fire of Hell is such, as multitudes of tears will not quench it; and length of time will not finish it! The vial of God's wrath will be always dropping upon the sinner! As long as God is eternal, He lives to be avenged upon the wicked.

Oh eternity! eternity! Who can fathom it? Mariners have their plummets to measure the depths of the sea; but what line or plummet shall we use to fathom the depth of eternity? The breath of the Lord kindles the infernal lake, and where shall we get buckets to quench that fire?

Oh eternity! If all the body of the earth and sea were turned to sand, and all the air up to the starry heaven were nothing but sand—and a little bird should come every thousand years, and fetch away in her bill but the tenth part of a grain of all that heap of sand; what numberless years would be spent before that vast heap of sand would be fetched away! Yet, if at the end of all that time, the sinner might come out of Hell—there would be some hope.

But that word "FOREVER!" breaks the heart!

What a terror is this to the wicked—
enough to put them into a cold sweat—to think, as long as God is eternal, He lives forever to be avenged upon them!

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