Nothing in God's universe breathes or wiggles contrary to His decree!

(Don Fortner)

Providence is God's government of the universe. If we have a proper view of God's providence, we will see the hand of God and the heart of God in everything, in all the experiences of our lives.

God almighty, our God and heavenly Father, is always at work, governing His world.

We recognize that God's providence is mysterious (Romans 11:33-36). His judgments are a great deep. His ways are past finding out.

God's providence is as minute as it is mysterious. Our God has ordained the number of hairs on the heads of all. Not even a worthless sparrow falls to the ground without His decree.

God's providence is all-inclusive. God rules everything, great and small, everywhere, and at all times. He who created all things, rules all things.

Our God and heavenly Father controls (absolutely and totally) all rational creatures. He controls all men and women everywhere, good and bad, in the good they do and in the evil they perform. All angels, all demons, and Satan himself are under the total control of our God (Psalm 76:10; Isaiah 14:24-27). Nothing in God's universe breathes or wiggles contrary to His decree (Isaiah 46:9-13). Satan is not a rival to our God, but His vassal!

As a wise, skilled pharmacist mixes medicine, so our heavenly Father wisely mixes exactly the right measure of bitter things and sweet things to do us good.
Too much joy would intoxicate us.
Too much misery would drive us to despair.
Too much sorrow would crush us.
Too much suffering would break our spirits.
Too much pleasure would ruin us.
Too much defeat would discourage us.
Too much success would puff us up.
Too much failure would keep us from doing anything.
Too much criticism would harden us.
Too much praise would make us prideful.
Our great God knows exactly what we need.
His providence is wisely designed and sovereignly sent for our good!
Let Him therefore send and do whatever He will.
By His grace, if we are His, we will bow to it, accept it, and give thanks for it.

God's providence is always executed in the wisest manner possible. We are often unable to see and understand the reasons and causes for specific events in our lives, in the lives of others, or in the history of the world. We bow to His will, which is evident in His works of providence, and say, "Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways!" Romans 11:33

All God's works of providence are executed in perfect holiness and righteousness. Even the way He uses the evil works of men and devils, is totally free of sin on His part. Though He has predestined and permits deeds of wickedness, sin cannot be imputed to the Almighty. "The Lord is righteous in all His ways, and holy in all His works." Psalm 145:17

God's providence demands and deserves our unceasing praise.

He who is God indeed, is the God of providence, the God who rules all things, and rules all things well. How we ought to trust Him! Ever remember, our heavenly Father is God all-wise, good, and omnipotent. He is . . .
  too wise to err,
  too good to do wrong,
  and too strong to fail!