The jewelry of the Bible!

(Octavius Winslow, "The Preciousness of the Divine Promises")

"God has given us His very great and precious promises!" 2 Peter 1:4

The promises of God are the jewelry of the Bible!

Every page of the sacred volume is rich and sparkling with these divine assurances of Jehovah's love, faithfulness, and power towards His people.

Upon no spot in this wilderness world can the Christian plant his foot, strange and untrodden though that path may be - but a gem from this casket meets his eye, the sight of which inspires his heart with confidence, his spirit with comfort, his soul with hope!

Imagine what would have been the condition of God's children apart from the divine promises of which the blessed volume is so full. What must have been the desolateness, the sadness, and the sinking - did we not have the divine assurances of God's Word to rely on; by which we are . . .
  guided in our march heavenward,
  upheld in weakness,
  cheered in depression, and
  conducted step by step to final blessedness.

The promises are comprehensive in their character, and adapted to all the varied circumstances of our individual history. Child of God, you cannot conceive of . . .
  any condition in which you may be placed,
  any circumstance by which you may be surrounded,
  any sorrow by which you may be depressed,
  any perils that may confront you,
  any darkness that may overshadow you,
  or any needs that you may have -
in which you may not find some precious promises of His blessed Word which meet your case!

The promises of Scripture are exceedingly precious, because they are all signed and sealed with the heart's blood of Jesus! They are the throbbings of the infinite love of Jesus! The promises are but echoes of His heart sounding from each page of the sacred volume!

If you are sin-burdened or sorrow-stricken - just stretch forth your hand and receive these precious jewels as they flow out from the open casket of God's Word!

The promises have stanched many a bleeding wound.

The promises have dried many a falling tear.

The promises have calmed many a disturbed mind.

The promises have guided feet through many a labyrinth.

The promises have shed light on many a lonely path.

The promises, like voices of music, have broken sweetly on many a dreary night of weeping and woe.

We have these rich clusters of precious promises bending down from the Tree of Life!
We may pluck them at all times, in all seasons, and under all circumstances!