O eternity!

(James Smith
, "The Way of Salvation Set Forth")

My soul is immortal — it can never cease to be.

It is destined by the immutable decree of God, to exist eternally.

O eternity! Who can conceive your dimensions!

Forever — who can grasp the mighty idea!

To exist forever — solemn consideration!

Millions of ages as numerous . . .
  as the stars in the skies,
  as the sands on the sea-shore,
  as blades of grass on the surface of the globe,
  as leaves which fall from the trees in autumn
 — are as nothing in comparison with eternity!

But where shall I exist?

will I spend eternity?

In happiness — or in torment?

That will entirely depend upon the character, the state, the condition, in which I live and die.

If I live in sin, if I serve self and Satan, if I die accursed — then I must suffer the due desert of my deeds.

But if I savingly believe in Jesus, if I live unto God, if I die under His saving grace — then I shall possess and enjoy glory, honor and eternal life — and these forever!

Let the solemn fact that you are immortal, deeply impress your mind.
Try to realize the overwhelming thought:
"I must live forever!
 I must live forever in unspeakable happiness — or inconceivable misery!
 My eternal state depends on my present state.
 If I live unconverted — then I must die accursed. I am lost, and once lost, lost forever!"

O eternity! Tremendous sound! Incomprehensible idea!

"Then they will go away to eternal punishment — but the righteous to eternal life." Matthew 25:46