It would be a kind of Heaven to the damned!

(Richard Baxter, "The Saints Everlasting Rest")

"Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels!" Matthew 25:41

Alas! what heart can now possibly conceive, or what tongue express — the pains of those souls who are under the wrath of God!

Is it an intolerable thing to burn part of your body by holding it in the fire? What, then, will it be to suffer ten thousand times more, forever in Hell!

As the joys of Heaven are beyond our conception — so are the pains of Hell. Everlasting torment — is inconceivable torment.

It would be a kind of Heaven to the damned — had they but hope of eventually escaping.

O happy souls in Hell — should they but escape after millions of ages!

But this word 'eternal', contains the perfection of their torment!

O that the sinner would study this word; methinks it would startle him out of his dead sleep!

FOREVER is an intolerable thought!
"And these shall go away into eternal punishment!" Matthew 25:46