What an amazing word!

(Thomas Watson, "
A Treatise Concerning Meditation")

Meditate on ETERNITY. What an amazing word is eternity!

Eternity to the godly — is a day which has no sun-setting!
Eternity to the wicked — is a night which has no sun-rising!

Eternity is a gulf which may swallow up all our thoughts. Meditate on that scripture, "And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life." Matthew 25:46.

Meditate upon eternal PUNISHMENT. The bitter cup which the damned drink of, shall never pass away from them. The sinner and the furnace shall never be parted. God's vial of wrath will be always dropping upon a wicked man. When you have reckoned up so many myriads and millions of years, nay, ages — as have passed the bounds of all arithmetic, eternity is not yet begun!

This word forever breaks the heart!

If the tree falls hell-ward — there it lies to all eternity! Now is the time of God's long-suffering; after death will be the time of the sinner's long-suffering, when he shall "suffer the vengeance of eternal fire!" Jude 7.

Meditate upon eternal LIFE. The soul that is once landed at the heavenly shore, is past all storms! The glorified soul shall be forever bathing itself in the rivers of pleasure. "You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand!" Psalms 16:11. This is what makes heaven to be heaven — "We shall be forever with the Lord!" This makes up the garland of glory!

Meditation on eternity, would make us very SERIOUS in what we do. The thoughts of an irreversible condition after this present life, would make us live as for eternity.

Meditation on eternity, would make us overlook present WORLDLY things — as flitting and fading. What is this present world, to him that has eternity in his eye? It is but nothing. He who thinks of eternity, will despise "the passing pleasures of sin."

Meditation on eternity would be a means to keep us from envying the wicked's prosperity. Here on earth, the wicked may be "dressed in purple and fine linen, and live in luxury every day." But what is this, compared to eternity? As long as there is such a thing as eternity, God has time enough to reckon with all His enemies!