The situation in which she died is instructive:

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She had hospitably entertained the angels,
she had believed their message,
she had obeyed their command,
she had left Sodom behind her,
she had forsaken the ungodly.

Yet her heart was left in the city!

She was cut off by a visible display of God's judgment!

"But Lot's wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt!"
  Genesis 19:26

The situation in which she died is instructive:

It was not in Sodom, but on the plain.

She escaped one judgment, but was overtaken by another.

She was deprived of eternal life, for too highly prizing earth's comforts.

She was left as a sad example of God's jealousy, and His displeasure against sin.

God will be honored either by our obedience—or by our punishment!

It is dangerous to trifle with the smallest of God's commands.

We may overcome one temptation, and yet fall by another.

Here is a warning to the covetous, whose hearts are set on earthly things.

Here is a warning to the self-willed, who trifle with God's commands.

Here is a warning to the undecided, who stand between Sodom and Zoar.

Let us examine: Are our hearts detached from the world?

Be not high-minded, but fear!

"Remember Lot's wife!" Luke 17:32