The school of Christ!

(edited from Mary Winslow's, "Life in Jesus")

How wonderful is God in all His great and gracious
dealings with His children. He places us, as soon
as the spiritual eye is opened, in His school.

First, the infant school; and then onward and upward,
from class to class, losing no opportunity of spiritual
instruction. Many hard lessons have we to learn and
to relearn. But, oh, the unwearied patience and
tenderness of our Teacher!

Some of His children are slow learners, dull scholars,
and require the discipline of the rod to stimulate them
to more earnestness, attention, and submission.

Some imagine they have arrived at the end of their
education, and sit down at their ease; but presently
they are called upon to solve some hard problem, and
they find that they know less than they thought, and
for their boasting are sent back to a lower class, and
made to commence where they first began.

Such is the school of Christ.

"Lord, teach me more and more of Yourself; and of my
own poverty, misery, and weakness. And oh, unfold to
my longing eyes and heart what there is in Yourself to
supply all my need; and in Your loving, willing heart,
to do all for me, and all in me, to fit me for Your service
here, and for your presence hereafter! Sanctify abundantly
all Your varying dispensations to the welfare and prosperity
of my soul, and increase in me every gift and grace of Your
Spirit, that I may show forth Your praise, and walk humbly
and closely with You.
You know what a poor, worthless worm I am, and how
utterly unworthy of the least mercy from Your merciful
hands; but You love to bestow Your favors upon the poor
and needy, such as me, most precious Lord. You have
been a good and gracious, sin pardoning God to my soul,
and a very present help in every time of trouble. I feel
my dependence on You more than ever. Without You
I can do nothing. Helpless as an infant I hang upon
, to do all for me and all in me."