Ornamental Christians?

(edited from Spurgeon's "The Master's Profession;
The Disciples' Pursuit" #977. Psalm 40:9, 10)

In all our churches there is a very large
proportion of idle people. I hope they are
saved; the Lord knows whether they are or
not. But whatever else they are saved from,
certainly they are not saved from laziness.

We seem to get some people who are but half
converted. I hope their hearts are converted,
as their hands do no work.

Albeit, there are some portions of the body
which may be said to be ornamental; it is
equally true that they also have some distinct
service; there is not one of them put there
to do nothing.

Some Christians seem to imagine that they
are ornaments, for certainly they are of no use.
They think that their whole duty consists in
taking their seat, filling up their place, and
listening with more or less attention to the
sermons that are preached.

As to the idea of everybody doing something
for Christ, and the exhortation as good
soldiers of the cross not to shirk their duty;
these people say that it is sheer madness.

Sleepy souls, they presently become victims
of their own infatuation. As men who habituate
themselves to take opium, they grow soporific.

Then their Christianity becomes like a dream.

The apathy of the church, which has lasted so
long, is truly disheartening. With many a deep
drawn sigh do we bewail it. O that we could
get the church to awake!