The happiness of the believer?

(adapted from Mary Winslow's, "Life in Jesus")

If the religion of Christ does not make us
happy, nothing else will. But the happiness
of the believer
is very different from that of
the world. It arises from a sublimer source,
and shuts out unbecoming levity and mirth.

The highest state of enjoyment here below,
which can arise from a believing view of Him
who was pierced for our sins and wounded for
our transgressions, will ever be accompanied
with the humble and contrite heart; a deep
sense of our rebellion before conversion, and
of our ingratitude and unprofitableness since.

So here is joy, yet mixed with sorrow.

This is happiness the world knows nothing of.

Be assured I am happy, and do rejoice in God,
while I often have occasion to sigh at what I
feel within, and at what I behold around me.